Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lee's Summit R7 Are Leaving Children Behind

I know that most of you have already read about my son dropping out of school.  There were numerous reasons, but they all have to do with Lee's Summit refusing him the services that IDEA demands.

My daughters were also on IEPs.  They started in kindergarten.  They stayed on IEPs until Woodland was built.  One daughter remained on her IEP, but the other was taken off.  She really started to struggle and I had to demand that they retest her.  Sure enough, she was falling behind and they put her back on an IEP for a month.

It seems as though Lee's Summit Middle Schools don't offer services.  None of my children were given speech services while in middle school.

When one of my daughters started high school they put her in a reading lab.  They don't have to count that as special education.  I once again had to DEMAND that they test her.  Her evaluations showed that she had a disability, but the district refused her services.  She had to struggle through school and even take summer school.

She went to college last year.  She had to take remedial courses because the Lee's Summit district failed her.  This year she was forced to drop out because she couldn't keep up in English.  Thanks to Lee's Summit the only children that are succeeding are those that make the district look good.  How long will the residents of Lee's Summit remain bllind?

LEE'S SUMMIT R-VII 2008-09 School Accountability Report

LEE'S SUMMIT R-VII 2008-09 School Accountability Report

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What About Those Elderly People That R7 Is Pushing Out?

I spoke to an elderly woman that had resided in Lee's Summmit for over 40 years.  She is being forced to sell her home because she can no longer afford the taxes.  This woman bought and paid for her home never dreaming that the R7 School Board would eventually force her out.

The Board could have not kept building $8.6 million administration centers that would rival that of any Fortune 500 company's board rooms.  They could have not built a $12 million aquatic center.  They could have spent $25,000 ban uniforms like other school districts and not spent $250,000.  They really didn't need turf on the playing fields.  They could have not used the bond money and then the taxes could have been lowered.  Then they could have raised taxes for the real purpose of our taxes.  EDUCATION.  They didn't.  Now elderly residents are being forced out of their homes in the name of keeping up with the Jones.  Really?  How sad!!!

Shame on you. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

School Board raises district tax levy

School Board raises district tax levy

They are now raising your taxes. Jackson County refused to allow them to value your home at more than what is worth, so they are raising your taxes. Hope your child is one of the 200 swimmers enjoying the 12 million dollar pool.